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We offer strategic IT recruitments solutions including temporary and permanent hiring for our direct clients

Our staffing professionals understand the recruitments and placement process and have an in-depth knowledge of the customer we serve. our business services are available across the timezones

Also,we have highly qualified interviews on board, who are adept at screening the resumes as well as interviewing the prospective candidates to assess their technical prowess. As a result of this in -house capability, the candidates who pass our tests are Of high quality and crack the client interviews with ease

For candidates, who are looking for new challenges,we have a wide array of services

recruitments solutions

We serve a wide range of industries and positions with experience staff. Our recruitments apana the following skills sets.

Big data , analytics,and
Customer experience
Database administration
Interim Management
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Everything starts with Ambition - in place of we are the match maker for the dream maker

More sustainable future

Our roots in management consulting enable us to bring a unique approach to recruitments.

Monitor,track and action

We provide a range of talent acquisition services by leveraging our domain knowledge built over four decades.

Monitor,track and action

In order to provide clients with specialised recruiting solutions, AAB has developed expertise in the following industry segments:


Our team of Executive Recruiters have demonstrated consistent results across multinational, start-up, complex.

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